KDE WebWorld 2011: Last day and summary

Today was another warm and sunny day at Linuxhotel in Essen, where the first KDE WebWorld sprint was held, but the increasing cloudiness and predicted rain in the afternoon meant that it was time to pack and go home. A lot of things have happened during these days, so here’s a summary (because Ingo forced me to do one):

  • Evil Toma is evil, but also a great teammate when it comes to Tischfußball.
  • Eugene Trounev cooked very tasty meals despite the lack of polar bear meat in Essen.
  • Ingo Malchow is a pretty good pilot, but needs to work on the landings a bit. My advice: stay away from house roofs and trees.
  • Stuart Jarvis also likes animated GIFs; maybe it’s about time we put some on the kde.org site? 😉
  • Matthias Meßmer is (a) pipesmoker.
  • Niklas Laxström has a time machine so that he can listen to our future complaints and fix them the day before in his comfortable couch.
  • Anne Wilson doesn’t only work on the UserBase Wiki between meals, she probably also does it after going to bed and before waking up.
  • Claus Christensen could have been my favorite teacher in high school if only he lived in the same area as I did (hooray for math and physics). Just imagine if you had a teacher who contributed to KDE, wouldn’t that be cool? Based on the data I have teachers seem to be pretty common at WebWorld sprints.

All in all I had a great time, it was very fun to meet everyone and talk about everything (although at some nights it got pretty late). There were still a few topics I wanted to discuss, but time is limited,  we had many other important discussions and overall I think that the sprint has been very productive for the KDE Web Team.


3 Responses to “KDE WebWorld 2011: Last day and summary”

  1. akreuzkamp Says:

    Do you know what’s way more fun?
    Self beeing KDE contributor and having a teacher who is (just) KDE user and then fixing the complaints of your teacher 😉

  2. WebWorld 2011 – wrap-up « It rains like a saavi Says:

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  3. Hans Says:


    That sounds pretty fun indeed, too bad I haven’t had any teachers who knew what KDE is (not as far as I know anyway :)).

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