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My nickname is usually Mogger (IRC, openDesktop, or Hans (KDE Forums, Dot). If you wish to contact me on IRC, I’m usually hanging around in #kde-forum, #kde and #kde-devel on freenode when I’m connected.

You can also drop a message in the comments section below.


8 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Kyle Williams Says:


    I saw on that you were looking for a Dropbox service menu for Dolphin. Anyway, I was looking for the same and couldn’t find one so I created one myself. It’s available at


  2. Hans Says:

    Hi Kyle Williams,

    Thanks for the heads up. I saw that someone dented about a Dropbox service menu on in the kde group – maybe it was you?

    The service menu works good, but I noted some small things that could be improved. I’ll post them in a comment on your blog.

  3. Kyle Williams Says:

    Hi Hans

    Thanks for the feedback. I will make the changes you recommended on my blog. Regarding the service menu not working for you – in what way did it not work?
    Nope, the post wasn’t me 😉

  4. Hans Says:

    I get “Couldn’t get public url: Unknown Error”. As said on your blog, I’ve created a symlink to my Dropbox directory (~/.bluebox). Running ‘python puburl ~/.bluebox/Public/file.txt’ yields the same error.

    The service menu works fine in my “normal” Public directory.

  5. Kyle Williams Says:

    Ah yes…of course 🙂
    The reason for this is that Dropbox only gets public URLs for items in your Public directory since only they have a public URL. Not an error per se, rather how Dropbox works 🙂

    I should probably put a note about that in the description.

  6. Kyle Williams Says:

    I just released a second version with the fixes you suggested. Also, I added the feature to “Copy Public URL to Klipper”
    Latest version is on…

  7. Hans Says:

    Great job! Can’t you use ~ to specify the path to the icon?

  8. Kyle Williams Says:

    For some reason it doesn’t work…I’m trying to figure out a way to work around it :/ Using the shell variable $HOME doesn’t work either…

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