This is my personal blog where I write about things that interest me. Usually I try to write posts that are of interest to others as well, so most of the content here are about my adventures in the free and open source software world.

I am currently a PhD student at The Pennsylvania University, trying to figure out the dynamics of the atmospheric circulation that lead to the climate variability we experience. You can read more about my research on my personal website. Besides science I am also interested in programming and a plethora of other things, which you may (or may not) discover if you read my posts. Programming is what lead me to Linux and KDE, but funnily most of my contributions to the latter project have been non-programming related. For example, I am one of the administrators of the KDE Community Forums and part of the KDE webteam (even though I know next to nothing about web development!).

Well, I think that is enough self introduction for now. Welcome!


8 Responses to “About”

  1. Makan Amini Says:

    Hahah “19-year-old geek”.

  2. Hans Says:

    Ah. Silly me, I’m 20 now. ;P

  3. Liang Qi Says:

    Are you a Chinese?

  4. Hans Says:

    I was born in China, but grew up in Sweden. So I guess you call me both Chinese and Swedish.

  5. Antonx9 Says:

    Well, Hans, even if you grew up in Sweden, you are still Chinese! (Remember what mom told you?! Or maybe she only told me…) But you are a Chinese from China who grew up in Sweden! 🙂 I’m from Sweden and I’m growing up here in Sweden!

  6. decodedthought Says:

    very nice site
    informative and witty 🙂
    keep up the good job

  7. Hans Says:

    “Spam” is the first thing I think when I see such nice comments, but it seems to be genuine this time :D. Thanks decodedthought!

  8. decodedthought Says:

    I wouldn’t blame you, probably my comments that made you think that way, but I couldn’t ignore but to appreciate 🙂

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