Still alive

Today it’s been exactly two years (woah!) since my last post on this blog, which was about how the blog changed address to Two years is also the time I’ve spent so far on my Ph.D. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, since it’s been so long and I’ve received questions asking if this blog had moved somewhere else, I just wanted to give you a quick update that everything’s fineplease save me and that I haven’t completely abandoned this blog yet. I’ve had a few posts saved in drafts for a while but never found the time or energy to flesh them out. Maybe I will someday.

I’m doing science and I’m still alive.


More [time] is less

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here – the last post was published in the beginning of May 2010. This time I can’t blame it on lack of time though. In fact I’ve had a lot of free time this summer, which is quite rare, but I chose to spend my days away from the computer for a change.

In this post I will write about some of the things that have happened in the period since I last posted till now, both KDE-related and general nonsense.

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One hundred push ups in one week

Experience has shown that if you follow the program below, you’ll be able to do 100 consecutive push ups after one week. Make sure to get at least one day rest between each workout, and don’t overwork yourself.

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How Are You? or New Things I Love

Have I ever mentioned that I read the webcomic xkcd?

I admit this isn’t the best strip, but it shows what I love about xkcd: that’s me! I usually try to avoid just answering “I’m fine thanks”, because that’s just plain boring. And most of the times isn’t really a honest answer at all.

Other than that, there are so many comics there which I can identify myself with. Almost all of them. (OK, maybe not all; can’t recall being strapped like that).

Guess I’m a geek after all.

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Broken umbrella

Tip of the day: don’t try to rolling hop a curb with an umbrella in your hand. At least not without practice.

On a side note, I’m quite comfortable on my new keyboard now. Typing about 30 wpm, ~57 % of my original qwerty speed. After a month. Not too bad. And my hands feel good doing it, no more awkward twists.

I said I was going to remap some keys, here’s the result; I’m pleased to introduce chvorak 0.9:

Click to enlarge

Note that I’ve omitted the backspace, enter and space key in the middle. You can’t see the function keys either (for example the numpad).

I’m really happy with the layout so far. The only thing I don’t really like is the placement of the apostrophe. It’s quite dangerous being between Esc and Tab, but in my opinion much better than the Svorak placement.

D.nnr ;rpne!

I’ve wanted to convert to Dvorak, or rather the Swedish version Svorak, for a while. But it seemed too troublesome, and soon I forgot about it.

Until recently, that is. I read a review of ergonomic keyboards, and Typematrix EZ-Reach 2030 was one of the products reviewed. I had seen that keyboard before, and even if it didn’t score very good in the test (they didn’t like the grid layout. Huh?) the geek in me just screamed: I want it!

I recalled that a friend of mine used a Typematrix, so I asked him about it on IRC. As it’s quite expensive here in Sweden, I wanted to know where he had ordered it.

Short story even shorter, here I sit with my EZ-Reach and try to type Svorak. ‘You can have mine’ the friend told me, “I don’t use it anyway.” Just like that.
The C key didn’t work, and some keys were a bit hard to press, so I decided to clean it inside out. It took some time to assemble it again, much thanks to the Space key.

Seriously, this thing is awesome.

Now I’m going to remap some keys. For your information, this was all written in Svorak. Damn slowly…


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Phoenix Down

First post in 2008. Took some time, didn’t it? I don’t think anyone actually read this blog, so it probably doesn’t really matter.

Like most blogs out there, this one was doomed to die before it was even born. It’s suffering from “penuria of vicis”, or rather, I am.

Not much has happened since last time. The first version of KDE4 and KDE 4.0.1 as well have been released. I like the slogan “be free”. Speaking of freedom, I’ve listened to a lecture by Richard Stallman when he was in Stockholm. Awesomeness. He’s weird.

The first patch I’ve written made its way to SVN. Isn’t it nice?

And finally, I’ve decided – no Lobster for me this summer. Unfortunately. But that’s how things turned out. At least I think my wallet and legs are grateful. And probably the rest of my body. Oh well.

Almost like Christmas

The stuff I ordered finally arrived yesterday – what a joy! So, what exactly did it contain? If 1 picture > 1000 words <=> 3 pictures > 3000 words:

It’s not very large, but the package didn’t fit in the postbox


Wrapped pretty tightly in plastic




“You should’ve invested in a better camera” you may think, but don’t you agree that low-quality photos taken with the mobile phone are pretty charming? No? Me neither.

Anyway, what exactly is it? Well, if you can’t tell by looking at the pictures, I see little point in teilling you. *Hint* Maybe they’ll appear on this blog again, in another context.

By the way, let me notice you that K/Ubuntu 7.10, know as Gutsy Gibbon, is going to be released tomorrow. Hooray!

No snow

But it did rain a lot today. It was really fun to ride with an umbrella – just a tip: don’t use it when riding into headwind if you’re a beginner like me.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow – hopefully I’ll receive my secret package. You wonder what it’ll contain? Maybe I’ll post a photo when I get it (with my crappy mobile camera). Yeah!

Level up

Obtained two new skills today: bunny hoping and suicide mount. Especially the first one will become very useful after more practice.

Tomorrow I’m going to try idling again. I made some attempts  to idle today; at one time I even felt that nice feeling, “hey I can do this!, but then I fell to the ground. Well, guess that means that I have to train more.