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As Anne already blogged about, I suggested during the WebWorld sprint that we try to strengthen the UserBase Wiki image. I made two proposals:

  • Whenever UserBase is mentioned the first time in a new context, call it “UserBase Wiki” or “KDE UserBase Wiki” if the context doesn’t make it clear that it’s KDE-related. The reason for this is that many people have mentioned that they didn’t know what a “userbase” was, and that they weren’t aware that UserBase actually is a wiki anyone can edit.
  • Give UserBase its own unique logo.

I had made a rough logo based on the idea “Connect the pieces” and intended to simply replace the KDE icon in the sidebar, but Claus and Anne saw another mockup I had made (for a completely different purpose) and thought it would look good with some text as well. Brilliant idea, strangely enough I hadn’t even thought about it – isn’t it wonderful to work with other people? During the sprint we set on “Share your Knowledge” and asked our logo creator Eugene to make a logo for us. Here’s the result:

Of course you should just head over to UserBase directly and see it in action. If you still see the old KDE logo you might have to refresh your cache, Shift + F5 in most browsers.

Finally, a reminder:

UserBase is a wiki for KDE users, made by KDE users. Registration is no longer necessary to contribute. Share your Knowledge »


5 Responses to “Share your Knowledge”

  1. BajK Says:

    I don’t know who perpretated the German translation but it is HORRIBLE!
    So, I know what job I have to do this week 😛

  2. Hans Says:


    That’s the spirit! Please let me know if you need any help to get started. You can also ask on IRC (#kde-www on freenode), where most of us usually hang around.

  3. jstaniek Says:

    Nice, but the four icons (edit, history..) are all but not easy to understand (too rich in form). E.g. the text at the main page mentions: to edit, click on icon, but there’s no such icon in the interface.

  4. Hans Says:


    I agree and would like to see text on at least the Edit button. The reason you don’t see the button on the first page is because it’s protected, something I personally don’t like either, but I can see why it’s needed.

    I’ve change the text in the box slightly to hopefully avoid the confusion.

  5. - Says:

    Punk’s not dead!

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