KDE WebWorld 2011: UserBase (day 1)

If you follow the planet you should know about WebWorld 2011 by now, but if you don’t this picture summarizes it quite well:

In this post I’ll write about what the KDE UserBase Wiki team has worked on during the first day – and it’s quite much in just one day! The wiki has always had much potential in my opinion, but unfortunately not too many contributors. We want to change that.

  • Everyone is a potential contributor. To lower the entry barrier further, we now allow non-registered users to edit pages. This is great news for those who just want to make spontaneous contributions. However, registering has many benefits and is still recommended.
  • Everyone can contribute. We have made small changes to the sidebar and the pages for contributors to make it clearer. Hopefully this will make it easier for new contributors to get started.
  • Details are important as well. It is awesome to have all these different people gathered here in the same place (and what a wonderful place it is). This has allowed us to quickly fix a bunch of small and some larger issues with UserBase. Those are issues the user shouldn’t experience in the first place so I won’t go into any details, let’s just say that it has improved the user experience of the wiki. There has also been improvements in the translation tools, small tweaks in the style and other nice stuff.

In the evening there were discussions about how to strengthen the UserBase image, and we have some exciting plans. The details will be worked out over the next few days.

Before I end this post, here’s a challenge for you:

Make a contribution to UserBase » It could be an application feature that you think more people should know about, a small tip, an updated screenshot, a typo fix – you get the idea, every contribution counts!

And remember, you don’t even need to be registered anymore, just click on to edit a page. If you feel unsure, the Sandbox can be used to experiment. You can use the Discussion page on the start page (second button from the left) to ask for help or try to ask in the #kde-www channel on freenode.

How many managed to read this far and clear the challenge? If you did, why don’t you write a comment below? 🙂


3 Responses to “KDE WebWorld 2011: UserBase (day 1)”

  1. Petr Svoboda Says:

    I did and I will make a contribution. I will make a translator account and help with some translation to Czech. Thank you for this post! Hopefully more people will get to action.

  2. Hans Says:

    @Petr Svoboda:

    That’s awesome! The UserBase team has worked a lot on a translation system that should make it much easier for translators. It can seem like a lot to learn at first, but once you get into it, it should be very straight forward. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. Krystle Says:

    Hi, after reading this remarkable piece of writing i
    am too glad to share my familiarity here with friends.

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