How Are You? or New Things I Love

Have I ever mentioned that I read the webcomic xkcd?

I admit this isn’t the best strip, but it shows what I love about xkcd: that’s me! I usually try to avoid just answering “I’m fine thanks”, because that’s just plain boring. And most of the times isn’t really a honest answer at all.

Other than that, there are so many comics there which I can identify myself with. Almost all of them. (OK, maybe not all; can’t recall being strapped like that).

Guess I’m a geek after all.

On a side note, I’ve started to use LaTeX. Ooh, it’s so nice in so many ways. Instant love. Sorry OO.o and other WYSIWYG word processors, I think you’ve annoyed me for the last time (certainly not as there still are people who insist on using .doc).

Since I’ve unconsciously avoided emacs and prefer KDE applications, it felt natural to begin with Kile. A few years ago I would be surprised that such a great application is completely free, and still not understand that it means more than ‘gratis’.

Plasma has also gotten pretty hot lately with WoC and everything, but it still has too many rough edges to enter my love list. The little beauty below, however, has been among the top since I saw it for the first time.


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