Almost like Christmas

The stuff I ordered finally arrived yesterday – what a joy! So, what exactly did it contain? If 1 picture > 1000 words <=> 3 pictures > 3000 words:

It’s not very large, but the package didn’t fit in the postbox


Wrapped pretty tightly in plastic




“You should’ve invested in a better camera” you may think, but don’t you agree that low-quality photos taken with the mobile phone are pretty charming? No? Me neither.

Anyway, what exactly is it? Well, if you can’t tell by looking at the pictures, I see little point in teilling you. *Hint* Maybe they’ll appear on this blog again, in another context.

By the way, let me notice you that K/Ubuntu 7.10, know as Gutsy Gibbon, is going to be released tomorrow. Hooray!


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