One hundred push ups in one week

Experience has shown that if you follow the program below, you’ll be able to do 100 consecutive push ups after one week. Make sure to get at least one day rest between each workout, and don’t overwork yourself.

week 1

day 1

set 1 – 10
set 2 – 12
set 3 – 10
set 4 – 8
set 5 – max (at least 10)

day 2

set 1 – 14
set 2 – 20
set 3 – 16
set 4 – 14
set 5 – max (at least 20)

day 3

set 1 – 34
set 2 – 40
set 3 – 32
set 4 – 28
set 5 – max (at least 99)

Couldn’t quite manage to do them all? Don’t worry – a lot of people struggle with this week. Just keep on repeating it until you feel confident to move on, and you’ll surely be closer to reach the goal!

Joke aside,

the one hundred push ups program deserves some credit. Who would’ve thought that someone like me could do 100 push ups? Sure I paused a few times to take a deep breath, and during the last push ups some corridor mates probably wondered what the hell I was doing. But I did it.

I’m far from a training maniac – I would rather describe myself as the thin type with most of the muscle mass located below the waist – but I got interested in the one hundred thingy since it sounded like a fun challenge. And I do like challenges.

As expected, it took way longer than six weeks. More like one year and a half. But that’s mostly my own fault – I stopped many times because I was busy with other stuff, and then forgot to continue with the program. After some time I would start from week 1 again.

This time I followed though until I reached the final test after week 6, without having to repeat any weeks; guess the previous training wasn’t a complete waste. And well, you know the rest of the story.

Next challenge: two hundred sit-ups!

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One Response to “One hundred push ups in one week”

  1. Dread Knight Says:

    I do up to 60 atm… but I’ll try this program out and see if I can manage more than that.

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