Nice subtle effect

Ever noticed this? I didn’t until today.

I remember reading about showing the file progress in icons some time ago and thought “that would be neat, but will probably take some time until it’s done.” Guess if I was surprised when I saw this today. I usually set the icon zoom level to 32×32 pixels, so maybe that’s why I didn’t notice until now. KDE rocks!

After a little search I found that this was done by Shaun Reich as part of a SoK (Season of KDE) project. There is also a Brainstorm idea about it. (Next question is, how did I miss that it was marked as Done?)

Now it would be nice if it was clearer for small icons, and if possible, showing the file progress would be incredibly neat.

Update October 4, 2010: More information can be found here:

How can I see this?

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A short note about installing plasmoids in 4.5.1

As probably most people running KDE Plasma Desktop/Netbook 4.5.1 know by now, it’s not possible to install widgets from “Get new Widgets” in this version. I’ve answered questions regarding this a few times over at the forums, and something hit me today – why isn’t it described on UserBase?

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More [time] is less

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything here – the last post was published in the beginning of May 2010. This time I can’t blame it on lack of time though. In fact I’ve had a lot of free time this summer, which is quite rare, but I chose to spend my days away from the computer for a change.

In this post I will write about some of the things that have happened in the period since I last posted till now, both KDE-related and general nonsense.

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KTips in 140 characters or less

Sometimes you have these ideas floating in the back of your head, and suddenly one day, BAM, they turn into something real. But before we get to the story, let me introduce you to KTips.

KTips is a new group on for KDE users to share tips and tricks. If you join the group, you’ll see tips from the KDE community in your timeline. You can also share your own tips by adding !ktips to your messages.

KTips – A new place to share tips about KDE Software

Now some of you might wonder, why another group instead of posting to the existing KDE group? The reason is simple: !kde has all kind of KDE-related topics, and some find it too noisy. If you only want those nifty tips, !ktips is for you. Members of both groups can always crosspost if they want.

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Hide window border for maximized windows

Work with Userbase is progressing nicely. I wrote some suggestions based on user feedback and my own opinions, and a few days ago there was a small discussion about the future of Userbase on IRC.

However, this post isn’t about Userbase – I hope I’ll find some time to summarize the plans for the wiki here in a few days. Today I want to share another tip that I’ve found and need to remember to add to Userbase: Borderless Maximized Windows.

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New Klassroom course: Krazy fixes 2

A new course is now open for participation over at the KDE Community Forums. This time the students will use a KDE utility called Krazy Code Checker to improve the code quality of a KDE application of choice, mentored by our own administrator (and System Settings maintainer) bcooksley.

The course requires basic C++ knowledge and a KDE development platform (kdelibs) >= 4.4 (self-compiled or distribution packages). If you want to get a feel of how it’s like, you can take a look at the previous krazy course.

Interested? Head over to the forums and read the course description. If you want to participate, post a reply with the subject you want to work on. Have fun!

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One hundred push ups in one week

Experience has shown that if you follow the program below, you’ll be able to do 100 consecutive push ups after one week. Make sure to get at least one day rest between each workout, and don’t overwork yourself.

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Remaining time in the Battery Monitor widget

Mostly as a reminder to myself, here’s how to show remaining battery time in the Battery Monitor widget shipped with KDE Software Compilation >= 4.3:

Remaining time in the Battery Monitor

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Why don’t you use Userbase?

Being an Arch Linux user, I know how helpful a good wiki can be. Userbase, however, has never felt like the wiki for KDE software users to me. Don’t get me wrong – I very much appreciate the work of the Userbase contributors – but being part of both communities, I see a clear difference in how both wikis are used.

In the Arch community, it’s common praxis to check the wiki before asking a question. Many users also contribute to the ArchWiki by adding content, translating pages and whatnot.

The number of Userbase contributors are growing, but getting on the top list is still very easy – a few edits will do. The wiki is still unknown to a large part of the user base; it doesn’t feel like the natural place to seek and add information about KDE.

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New blog address is new

Starting from today, the blog has a new primary domain which is one character and a “.wordpress” shorter:

So now is the time to update your bookmarks and feeds! (Actually you don’t have to – the old URLs should still work. But if you need a little distraction…).