A short note about installing plasmoids in 4.5.1

As probably most people running KDE Plasma Desktop/Netbook 4.5.1 know by now, it’s not possible to install widgets from “Get new Widgets” in this version. I’ve answered questions regarding this a few times over at the forums, and something hit me today – why isn’t it described on UserBase?

This seems like a perfect case for the wiki – something troubles a lot of KDE users, and once a solution is found it should be shared on a relevant UserBase page.

In this case the page Plasma/Installing Plasmoids already existed, so writing the solution to this problem was just a matter of adding a few lines. If you encounter users who ask about this, please direct them to this page.

Oh, did you spot a typo or find something wrong with the commands? Remember it’s a wiki – just hit that edit button (if you’re logged in) and correct it.

This is just another example of how contributing to UserBase can be fun and easy to do. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Do you know something that you think would help many users? Why not take a short break from whatever you’re doing and add it to the wiki. Don’t worry about making it super polish – there will be other contributors who can help you with that.


2 Responses to “A short note about installing plasmoids in 4.5.1”

  1. redm Says:

    What hits me, when I read this is: How such a serious regression can show up in a _bugfix_ release at all…?

  2. Hans Says:

    This was introduced in the fix for bug 237124.

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