Lately my blog posts have all been about KDE, a Free software project that I’m interested in. However, since this is also a personal blog, I’ve decided to write a bit more about myself. Therefore I’ve added a category called Interests, where I’ll write about my hobbies and interests.

I’ve always had a lot of hobbies. When I was a child, I usually had one or two activities every weekday (except on Sundays). Many were dropped due to lack of time, but I’ve also picked up a few new interests. I think I’m pretty open to new things, as long as they look fun or seem useful.

Regardless of how much I enjoy a hobby, it’ll only be just that – a hobby. I don’t plan to take either to a professional level.

Still, I want to work with something I’m interested in. The scientific world seems to be perfect – a place with constant new challenges, a place where you’re relatively independent and learn new things every day. Of course it won’t be perfect all the time. specially not in the beginning I would guess. But it’s hopefully interesting enough to give me something to blog about besides the usual KDE-related stuff. 😉


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