Spin that spinbox

What is this?

Do you remember this guy? In my previous blog post I asked the KDE community what you thought it was, and after many good guesses Kmetamorphosis finally nailed the answer: it’s for voting on questions in KDialogue.

Another person commented that “if it looks like a spinbox, it acts like a spinbox then probably it’s a spinbox. Only it doesn’t apear to be spinning”. Right, I guess we can call it a spinbox. If you’re the type who likes to spin spinboxes, I have good news for you – the first KDialogue opened recently, which means that you can spin to your heart’s content¹ over in the KDialogue forum!

Don’t forget to take the opportunity to ask Jonathan Riddell one question or four – the more spinboxes, the better right? As someone said, there are no stupid questions (as long as they follow the rules) – only good ones and less good ones. And that decision is in your hands. 😉

KDialogueTake me to the first KDialogue now »


¹ You can only vote on each question once, though.



2 Responses to “Spin that spinbox”

  1. Paul Fee Says:

    I had a go using this, the voting buttons worked fine.

    Towards the bottom of the page there’s an option to sort the messages by either:

    * Author
    * Post time
    * Subject

    Is it possible to sort by votes? I expect the person being “interviewed” would want to use such an option to pick the popular questions.

  2. Hans Says:

    We (the forum team) will be the ones to pick out the questions, and it’s just a matter of a simple database query. Anyway, it can still be useful to users; I’ll ask the other team members what they think about such a feature.

    Edit: Apparently it wasn’t too easy to implement, but if a lot of users want it we can see if we can do something. Please post a topic in Feedback & Questions.

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