What is this?

Let’s see if you’ve done your homework lately – can you guess what this is?

What is this?

Hint: it has something to do with the KDE Community Forums.

(If you’re a regular visitor to the forum channel, #kde-forum on freenode, you’re not allowed to answer. ;))


20 Responses to “What is this?”

  1. nonkdeuser Says:

    brainstorm + – ?

  2. Matija "hook" Šuklje Says:

    Plasma implementation of voting on KDE Brainstorm?

  3. Hans Says:

    @Matija “hook” Šuklje:
    Good guess, but nope!

  4. hardas Says:

    if it looks like a spinbox, it acts like a spinbox then probably it’s a spinbox. Only it doesn’t apear to be spinning 😛

  5. Hans Says:

    That would be a step backwards, so no. 😉

    Yes, I guess you can call it a spinbox. But what is it for? That the real question. Ha.

  6. lastofthewolves Says:

    I would guess that it’s a rating button for user’s karma.

  7. Luca Beltrame Says:

    @lastofthewolves – Nope, you’re off mark.

  8. Hans Says:

    Still nobody who’s figured it out? I guess I’ll give you another hint later today. 😀

    Edit: OK, so here’s the second hint:
    With ‘homework’ I meant following the posts on planetKDE.

  9. Matija "hook" Šuklje Says:

    It wouldn’t happen to be a voting system for KNewStuff? Of course that doesn’t have much to do with the forums…

  10. Hans Says:

    @Matija “hook” Šuklje:
    That would be nice, but no, that’s not it.

  11. Matija "hook" Šuklje Says:

    If it’s not used for voting or showing the votes for your own brainstorms on the forums, I’m give up.

  12. Sam Vimes Says:

    Maybe for adding/ removing a plasmoid in the new dialog?

  13. Hans Says:

    Attention everyone, we have a winner! His name… is ME.
    (In case anyone recognizes this: yes, I do like that character).

    Third and last hint for you: the answer is (indirectly) somewhere in the comments.

  14. xxtjaxx Says:

    I wasn’t that much on #kde-forum lately but I guess its for voting on posts. So if a post from a user was good that means thumps up or down

  15. Kmetamorphosis Says:

    Is it related to KDialogue and users voting on which questions to ask a developer?

  16. Hans Says:

    Now we’re finally getting somewhere. xxtjaxx, that’s right, it’s for voting on posts, but not on any posts.

    And the ultimate winner is Kmetamorphosis, who apparently has read about KDialogue. Everybody else needs to study up.

  17. Matija "hook" Šuklje Says:

    Aw, poop. I remember KDialogue, but I thought it’s going to be in the help window, not something as pretty as that :]

  18. Hans Says:

    Wha..? Help window? Are you sure you’re talking about the same KDialogue as I am? =P

    Anyway, more information about KDialogue will be revealed soon – stay tuned!

  19. Matija "hook" Šuklje Says:

    OK, then I guess, I either misunderstood KDialogue or just its imagined the implementation differently…

    Anyway, can’t wait to read more about it :]

  20. Spin that spinbox « Who Says Penguins Can't Fly? Says:

    […] previous blog post I asked the KDE community what you thought it was, and after many good guesses Kmetamorphosis finally nailed the answer: it’s for voting on questions in […]

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