Job Offer for KDE-Programmer

This is a guest post by Clemens.

Hello everyone!

Netrunner ( aims to become one of the leading KDE-centric Linux distributions, and to achieve this we need your help! Thanks to the financial support of Blue Systems we have the opportunity to hire one developer experienced in KDE/Qt/C++ programming to improve some areas of KDE software. You’ll be able to work full-time on various KDE-projects, such as

  • Improving Kmenu, the panel and other parts of Plasma Desktop
  • Fixing various bugs
  • Improving/adding functionality

The improvements will be pushed upstream to make them available for all KDE users.

We guarantee monthly payment depending on your skills and experience with regards to KDE.

If you are interested in taking the offer, please send me an email with your CV to:


Thanks and “Happy Holiday Season”!


8 Responses to “Job Offer for KDE-Programmer”

  1. Hans Says:

    Note: I’m not affiliated with Netrunner in any way, just helping them to spread the word. For that reason I can’t answer any questions about the job offer.

  2. Says:

    hire sebastian trueg, the nepomuk guy, he is pretty in-depth with kde’s inner workings, k3b author and also handsome

  3. Says:

    also if handsome is not enough, Netrunner could be sponsoring the main developer of one of the key components / pillars of kde (aka nepomuk), raise awareness and get recognition among the kde folks

  4. haka Says:

    I obviously can’t speak for Trueg but I find his work (nepomuk) essential for KDE’s success in the future and it would be great if he were to be paid to work on it fulltime but I guess that’s up to him.

  5. starbuck Says:

    @Hans: Thanks for posting this, so I will be here and try to answer any questions.

  6. thorGT Says:

    This is interesting news!

    Is it possible to know whether you will be offering more positions like this in the future? I’m interested in a half-time intern position, in particular. Also, did I understand it correctly that this is a remote job?

  7. starbuck Says:

    Hi thorGT,

    It’s a remote job offer, while in the future, it will also be possible to work in our office facility.
    There will likely be more positions in the future, as Netrunner is a fairly new distro and we have just started in that direction.

    While we are looking for fulltime, half-time would be negotiable, so just sent a CV and we’ll see what we can do.

  8. thorGT Says:

    OK, I see.
    See, I live in Russia, and currently am a 3rd year CS student (will be studying in the University for 2 or 3 more years). We have some IT companies here, I’ve even worked there once, but at the moment I’d prefer not to work in an office due to certain objective reasons.
    On a side note. A couple weeks ago I thought about asking Aaron about the possible ways of getting an open-source remote job, and voila, here’s your post. 🙂

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