What has happened to the Dot, the KDE Forums and the KDE wikis?

Some of you might see a message if you visit dot.kde.org, forum.kde.org or try to edit a page in one of the KDE wikis and wonder what it’s all about. There’s no need to worry though, everything is proceeding fine.

The sites are being moved to a new server, and it might take some time for your ISP to update their DNS (up to 72 hours). If you see the message, it means that you still try to access the old server. To avoid losing content, the forums etc. have been disabled until the DNS propagation is complete.


2 Responses to “What has happened to the Dot, the KDE Forums and the KDE wikis?”

  1. Fri13 Says:

    One thing what I hope to be changed in future is to get a other domain for planetkde.org like planet.kde.org. Like that both could be directed to same place.

    Now the domains are

    And the planetkde.org does not seems to belong to that group at all.

  2. Hans Says:

    Currently http://planet.kde.org links to http://planetkde.org, not good enough? 🙂

    (I’ve thought about the same thing and wasn’t aware that planet.kde.org actually works until I tried today.)

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