Plasma HowTo updated

Just a quick note: The Plasma HowTo has now been updated for 4.4. With short screencasts encoded in animated GIF files, it shows how to perform common tasks in Plasma Desktop. For example:

Plasma HowTo - Move Widget

The screencasts are small and can be played in almost any graphical web browser, at the expense of reduced image quality. Given that the screencasts are meant as HowTos and not for showing off Plasma Desktop, I think the lacking quality is acceptable (for now) considering the advantages. In the future, with HTML5 and whatnot, the format will probably be Ogg Theora.

If you want to create your own animated GIF screencasts, I have written a small guide here (updated yesterday).

Tip for translators

The Plasma HowTo is quite easy to translate since it doesn’t consist of much text. Nevertheless, I much appreciate the work of those who’ve translated the page already – thank you. Here’s a tip on how to update the translation for 4.4:

If the translation is up-to-date with the 4.3 version of Plasma HowTo, this will be simple. Most of the content is the same, so you can copy the old translation to the new version. However, you need to update the links to the new screencasts. This is easily done in a text editor by replacing all “.gif” with “-44.gif” (without “”).

To see the other changes, go to “History” for the English version and compare the latest version with the second version. Fix those changes, and you’re done.


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