Not being able to contribute sucks

I’m a long term KDE user and would like to contribute back to the community. Unfortunately donations isn’t an option (I’m a poor student), and my free time is also very limited – there’s no time to learn KDE programming. 😦

Surely you’ve seen similar comments floating around. Want to do something about it? Then here’s your chance!

Introducing Klassroom

Klassroom is an initiative from the KDE Community Forums to give new contributors a small push in the right direction. In the Klassroom forum, students work on various KDE-related real-life tasks during courses under the supervision of mentors. You can read more about it here.

The first three courses were very well received by the community. Many looked forward to future courses, but due to a lack of mentors Klassroom had to be put on ice for a while.

Until a few days ago, when the continuation of Klassroom was announced. Now we’re looking for mentors to hold courses – it can be about coding as well as document writing, promo work, translation, bug hunting or pretty much any KDE-related task you may have in mind.

To make it clearer what kind of courses we’re looking for, here’s a small example:

  • Course on how to use Plasma – out of scope of Klassroom
  • Course on how to use Plasma, and then let the students write a Userbase article about the things they learned – OK!

Most courses don’t required much effort from the mentor, but will be much appreciated by people who wish to contribute but don’t know how. If you’re interested in holding a course, check the general guidelines for mentors and let us know. Questions can be posted in the comments section here, or you can talk to the forum team directly in #kde-forum on freenode.

By the way, we’re looking for an icon for Klassroom – if you think you can make one, please post a comment below.


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