The experiment continues: Plasma/HOWTO

Due to the positive feedback I received in my last post, I decided to take the experiment one step further. A page that listed all Plasma HOWTO screencasts – doesn’t that sound good?

My initial idea was to do it on my blog and eventually move it to UserBase if it was well received by the community. However, some people on IRC already voiced interest for such an article on the wiki, so here it is:


Currently it’s on my own page, but the plan is to move it to Plasma/HOWTO when more screencasts have been done. As you can see, I’ve only done the first section (Widgets).

Dear KDE community, now I need your help. Are the sections strange? Do you miss a HOWTO? Should something be rearranged? Please help to improve the article! It’s a wiki, so feel free to edit it. However, if it’s something major, I would appreciate if you wrote a note under Discussion first.

Thanks everyone who commented my last post, you motivated me to continue this experiment.


4 Responses to “The experiment continues: Plasma/HOWTO”

  1. J Janz Says:

    I’ve skimmed the sections and respective howtos and they seem mostly fine.

    I’d only suggest you to move the first ones on Panel (“Drag widgets between desktop and panel” and “Move widgets in panel”) to widgets, since they’re not exactly related to the panel but actually to widgets (as their titles hint).

    That way Panel section would become like Desktop one: only items related to it and everything related to widgets in Widgets (which is, btw, where I first looked when I thought about those 2 items).

    And thank you for your work and keep it up that great!

  2. Hans Says:

    I see your point, since that’s the way I had the ordered first. The reason I put them under “Panel” is because they involve clicking on the panel cashew.

    I just realized that I need one “Remove widget” for panel widgets too, “Move widget” for desktop and “Configure Widget” for both desktop and panel. We could divided the “Widgets” section into “Desktop Widgets” and “Panel Widgets”, but where to put “(Un)Lock widgets” then? Suggestions?

  3. Hans Says:

    OK, changed it a little bit. What do you think about the current sections?

  4. J Janz Says:

    Ok, now I’ve seen a few (sadly, not many) howtos and, dude, kudos to you! Good stuff!

    And, yes, sections are now really straight to the point.

    For me, that’s the way. Real great work!

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