From idea to reality

If you’ve visited KDE Brainstorm, you might have wondered what all categories are for, or how an idea is processed when it’s been posted. So I decided to make a chart that hopefully will answer your questions:

From idea to reality

From idea to reality

The Forum Team is constantely working on improving Brainstorm – if you have any suggestions, don’t forget to post a topic in Feedback & Questions; or, if it’s a feature request, why not post it in Brainstorm? 🙂 Just don’t forget to add the tag “kde brainstorm” to make it easy for the Team to find your idea.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the chart, post a comment below.

Update September 29, 2009: The updated chart can be found in Brainstorm FAQ. Click on “Take a tour“.


6 Responses to “From idea to reality”

  1. makosol Says:

    Good Idea !
    I understand better now the difference between “done” and “implemented”. I think it could be clearer to have “already implemented” instead of “implemented”.

  2. pano Says:

    Nice Chart!
    What application did you use to create it?

    Thanks! 🙂

  3. Hans Says:

    Yes, it should be “Already Implemented” – however, it’s too long for the category name. If anyone has a suggestion for a better name, please post it below.

    Thanks. I just used Inkscape.

  4. Michael "Idea" Howell Says:

    @Hans: “If anyone has a suggestion for a better name, please post it below.”
    Dell uses “Already offered”, but that is still to long. How about simply “Unneeded”?

  5. Hans Says:

    @Michael “Idea” Howell:
    Thanks for your suggestions! However, both I and neverendingo think that “Unneeded” doesn’t fit – it doesn’t really reflect that the idea has been implemented already.

  6. Hans Says:

    “Implemented” is now called “Pre-existing” and “WontFix” has been changed to “Won’t Fix”. Guess I need to update the chart. Someday…

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