Voicies of the Lifestream

If you are a Final Fantasy fan like me, and enjoy the music in the games, I have good news. Quote from the homepage:

Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream is an OverClocked ReMix Album featuring free fan arrangements from the soundtrack to Square’s legendary Final Fantasy VII for the Sony Playstation.

From jazz to techno to rock to classical, it features over forty five tracks from over forty artists, each interpreting composer Nobuo Uematsu‘s works in their own unique style.”

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab the album now.


“A New, More Powerful, Desktop” for Mac OS X

Conjure is a new an application for Mac OS X which replaces the traditional desktop. According to their website, it let’s you deal with things in a “completely unstructured, visual, and organic way.” Some of the features mentioned are the ability to type text or draw lines directly on the desktop, record audio files and an instant overview mode of something that seems to be similar to virtual desktops.

As a picture says more than thousand words, here you go:


Anyone else who gets Plasma/Basket vibes?
If you think it sounds interesting, a video will be available on their homepage soon (tomorrow, it says).

Oh, did I mention that it costs USD 34.99?

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Hello World!

As everyone has one, I figured I should start a blog too. And here I am, writing my first (but definitely not last) blog post. Oh right, almost forgot to say; welcome to my blog!

I won’t blog much about my own life, although you’ll probably see some glimpses of it from time to time. The main topics of this blog is about some of my interests: FOSS (Free and open software), in particular KDE, programming and maybe later science. You will find tutorials to KDE applications, and hopefully I’ll start and/or get involved in interesting projects that I can blog about.

Until next time…